Patient engagement. Elevated.


Care Sherpa guides health systems above and beyond traditional marketing methods – increasing conversions and managing valuable leads.


A treacherous problem for health systems.

In today’s digital landscape, the path between marketing and service line growth is hard to find. You see it in nearly every organization: No matter how great the marketing campaign is – a lack of coordination, insights, and follow-up inevitably leads to neglected potential patients and lost revenues. 

Real marketing effectiveness in healthcare requires a comprehensive strategy based on deep analysis and personalized customer service to nurture the most valuable leads. That’s where we can help.


The Care Sherpa solution.

Our primary goal is making it easy for high-value potential patients to do business with you. 

Informed by decades of experience in the healthcare industry, our team developed an advanced combination of software, services, and strategy that takes providers to new heights of market share and increased margins.

Our solutions can be used by hospital systems, physician groups, and clinics, to maximize revenue, reduce expenses, and provide a competitive advantage in the healthcare market with rapid, demonstrable results.



Our proprietary software model helps providers identify, prioritize, and track leads generated by their marketing campaigns – demonstrating clear, measurable improvement for core metrics like lead volume, days to conversion, net margin per procedure, and more.

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We help manage the customer’s experience in your most valuable service lines by offering a single point of access – guiding the patient’s experience through the entire conversion path, and overcoming any objections or concerns that could delay or impede the care process.

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Care Sherpa leverages our team’s deep industry knowledge through consulting services and analytics that streamline marketing strategies, maximize revenue, and discover cost or operational inefficiencies that can prevent you from reaching performance benchmarks.

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