How others describe us: 

  • Patient Journey Managers 

  • Patient Experience Specialists 

  • An extension of my patient care team 

  • Lead Management on Steroids

  • Outsourced Sales and Patient Management Team 

  • Care Facilitators with a focus on revenue growth

  • Personalization that matters, at the person to person level 

Who we are not:

  • Not a CRM

  • Not a Call Center or Contact Center

  • Not a Population Health, Care Navigation or Patient Advocate Service

  • Not a SaaS or Software Provider


Are there mountains standing between your patients and your strategic services? 

You can try to move mountains, or you can give your patients a Care Sherpa.


What We Believe:

Experience matters, people remember how you make them feel. High quality consumer-focused service builds trust and confidence resulting in high quality patient outcomes.

What We Do:

We build value for healthcare providers by personalizing the patient relationship in strategic service lines

How We Do it:

Optimize healthcare revenue by providing an outsourced conversion and patient management service


Our Spirit Animal


You Can’t Reach The Summit Alone

We embody the spirit of the Alpaca

Beyond their charming and quirky good looks, Alpacas are the steady partner needed for the explorer on their journey, providing all of the tools needed to successfully make the climb to the top.

Some symbolic meanings behind the Alpaca are Action, Adaptability, Balance, Diligence, Duty, Fortitude, Movement, Patience and Stamina.   

At Care Sherpa we apply these principles to our clients and the patients which they serve.  In our service, we are the alpaca, leading and guiding with the same strengths which the spunky yet gentle animal symbolizes.  We use the alpaca image to remind ourselves how important these values are in ourselves and the in the work that we do.  Not to mention, they are terribly cute.