of interested patients never receive follow up contact after they inquire about services


We are here to make it easier for patients to do business with your health system.

Care Sherpa solves this lack of response follow up for consumers by providing a lead management platform that manages and monitors all consumer interactions as well proprietary work flows and rules engine aligned to the consumers clinical and motivational profile.

Care Sherpa’s software ensures all active prospects receive personalized and timely follow up in order to expedite the conversion process and provide a superior patient experience.

Our software offers:

  • Lead Generation Effectiveness: Monitor near real-time marketing investments across channels and tactics to ensure cost efficiency across marketing spend.

  • Lead Scoring & Prioritization: A-I based predictive analytics platform designed to maximize revenue growth in high margin healthcare services.

  • Lead Management & Engagement: Identify, quantify and analyze where each consumer lead is along the conversion pathway as well as associated revenue value. Next best activity workflow task to ensure efficient and effective consumer progress through the conversion process.

  • Appointment Scheduling & Confirmation: Integrated software to allow for direct scheduling and appointment confirmations.

  • Payer Verification & Authorization: Direct integration with payers to obtain eligibility and procedure authorization.

  • Pipeline Velocity & Volume Management: Quantify in real-time current expected service line volume and likely days to conversion timeline with associated revenue by consumer stage. Monitor revenue obtainment and leakage by stage and consumer type.